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Hey Guys

2012-05-29 03:00:23 by Alex1228

It would be really generous of you to go ahead and check out my soundcloud page :) and share it/favorite it or whatever THEENKS :D



2012-05-19 00:15:24 by Alex1228



2012-02-28 15:39:20 by Alex1228

I lob you


2012-01-16 23:57:17 by Alex1228

My mind is finally clear.


2012-01-10 16:09:52 by Alex1228

My favorite track that I've done so far is definately Goody 2 Shoes :D


2012-01-08 01:31:21 by Alex1228

No matter what time of day it is, bacon and eggs is always the best option.

Hey Hello

2012-01-04 03:13:50 by Alex1228

So yeah I rap every once in a while...a friend asked me to get on a track with him on his mixtape so I was like surrree and last night my and the crew got mad high... we ended up recording my verse on video.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

Its like

2012-01-01 15:03:42 by Alex1228

Coffee and cereal is all I neeeeeeeedddddd


2011-12-30 15:01:31 by Alex1228

Nobody will see this but...GOOD MORNING :)


2011-12-16 14:45:37 by Alex1228

I love you....nah jk i only like you as a friend bitch :)